Barton County Public Library allows use of the Bessie McMurtry Room available to both non-profit civic and community organizations for a variety of uses without charge. The library and the Library Friends have first priority on the rooms. Other meetings will be scheduled on a first come first served basis. Requests must be scheduled through the library.  

The room can accommodate up to 80 persons. Classroom, theater, and boardroom style setups are available.The computer training lab setup features 14 PCs. Classroom, theater, and boardroom style setups are available. Users should estimate the number attending and specify setup and equipment needed when reserving rooms.

Use of the room for commercial purposes is not allowed. The room is also not available for social events such as showers, birthday parties, weddings or receptions. On occasion commercial organizations may request the use of the Bessie McMurtry Room for the purpose of holding a seminar. Permission will be granted when such seminars fall in the general category of adult education. In other words, the following conditions would need to be met:

1. The seminar is open to the public

2. There is no registration fee for participation.

3. The content is informational. It is understood that an organization may be indirectly promoted due to the affiliation of the instructor. However, the purpose of the seminar is not to promote the organization or to increase sales.

Normally, permission for such use of the Bessie McMurtry Room will be granted by the Library Director. If the decision is disputed, appeal can be made to the Library Board of Trustees.

Computer Training Lab

Library staff offer free instruction on accessing the Internet and the library’s web-based catalog and community information database. Classes may be booked for community groups. The Computer Training Lab may also be used by a business or organization to meet a specific training need for a small group. Arrangements may be discussed with the library’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 417-682-5355.

Rules and Regulations

The room must be cleaned and tidied immediately after each use.

Users must assume full responsibility and pay for any damages.

The person in charge must secure a key from the librarian if the meeting will be held after regular library hours. The key must be returned in the book drop near the front entrance, after locking the door.

No meetings where excessive noise is expected will be allowed.


For information or to reserve a community room, please call 417-682-5355. 

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