Nancy HughesNancy Hughes, speaker and author of five books, including her Christian Choice Book Award winner "Healing for the Heart - Survival in the World of the Widow," will be holding a signing for her just released book “The Journey Continues – Healing for the Heart” on Wednesday, December 12, from 5 to 6:45 pm at the Mary K Finley Public Library located at 300 W. 10th Street in Lamar.

Nancy Hughes The Journey Continues Book Signing

This book details the “you should be over it by now” theory as a widow faces months and years with her loss and grief and contains pages of encouragement on this journey.

Jean Carnahan, former US Senator and widow of Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, says “Whether a woman knows it will happen soon or whether it happens suddenly, there is no way to prepare for that moment when you become a widow. In her latest book “The Journey Continues . . . Healing for the Heart,” Nancy Hughes and the other women who share their stories offer a helping hand not only to widows, but also to their families and friends as they try to help them deal  with one of the most difficult challenges any woman can face.”

Nancy will also have copies of her other books, including “Lola B and the Skinned up Knee” and “There’s A Deer in the Forest.” “The Journey Continues” is $15.00 and her children’s books are $10.00.

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