Library materials that are not returned present a continuing drain on library services. Since August  2005, Barton County Library has lost over 360 books valued at over $3,820 because borrowers failed to return materials.

Barton County Library has established a materials recovery program to encourage library patrons to return books and other materials on time. They have contracted with a collection agency to assist in recovering non-returned library materials and unpaid fines.

What happens when items are overdue?

14 Days Past Due

The library sends an overdue notice.

28 Days Past Due

The library sends a final notice.

42 Days Past Due

The library bills the patron for the overdue materials.

56 Days Past Due

If an account balance equals $25 or more, the library forwards the account to Unique Management Services, Inc., a library materials recovery agency. A service charge of $15 is added to the account.  If the account being turned to UMS belongs to a minor, the account will be referred to the collection agency in the name of the parent or other responsible party/guarantor.

Unique Management Services will contact the patron to request the return of the overdue materials and payment of all outstanding charges.

Over the next 120 days the collection agency will make multiple attempts to contact the patron. If the patron does not return the overdue materials and complete or establish a payment plan, the account will be reported to the major credit reporting agencies which may affect the patron's credit rating for up to seven years.

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