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The Library offers access to multiple online resources. Click the links below to access the different resource categories:


DIY and Auto Repair/Sales Resources

Want to learn how to repair that broken appliance? Or how to make that quilt that you've always wanted? These resources provide do it yourself guides and videos!

Job Resources

Need help finding a job or career in Barton County? Check out these job search engines!

Genealogy Resources

Want to create a family tree or research one of your ancestors?

General Resources

These are miscellaneous resources including General Educational Resources and Interlibrary Loans.

Government Resources

Resources for Local, State, and Federal Government.

Health Resources

Feeling sick and need to look up your symptoms? These are websites that provide general health information!

Language Resources

Need to learn a second language? Look no further! These websites offer free resources to learn that second language you've always wanted to learn!

Legal Resources

Looking for legal information or information on local courts? This is the place to find it!

Parent Resources

Educational resources for parents, including activities and award books.

Small Business Resources

Want to start a small business? These resources will help point you in the right direction!

Tax Resources

Looking for tax forms from the Federal and State Governments? Visit these websites!

Test Preparation Resources

Need help preparing for the ACT or SAT? These resources are what you've been looking for!

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