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Public Computer and Internet Use Policy

Policy for using library computers and Wi-fi service.

Computer and Wi-Fi Use Policy

All patrons wishing to use the Library’s public computers must first sign a Computer/Wi-Fi Use Policy Agreement Form. A parent or guardian must sign for patrons under 18 years of age. Patrons will also be required to agree to the terms listed in the policy when signing on to the internet using the Library’s computers or using the Library’s Wi-Fi network with their own devices.

1. Patrons must use their own library card to sign into computers. Use of someone else’s card or computer guest pass could result in loss of privileges for both parties involved.
2. Computer use time is limited. Additional time may be available at the discretion of the librarian, with a maximum of three hours of continuous use per day. Unused time may be used later in the day, provided the patron signs off of the computer properly. Library staff is not responsible for time lost through not signing off properly.
3. Computers may be reserved. Late patrons may lose their reservation.
4. Library staff may help with basic computer use but cannot provide in-depth training in the use of the computer or the Internet.
5. Patrons are not allowed to download or install programs on the library’s computers or electronic devices.
6. All media brought in by patrons will be scanned by our Anti-Virus software when it is connected to one of our computers.
7. Our Wi-Fi access is unsecured. It is accessible during normal library hours and after hours outside each of our branches. 
8. The Library and library staff accepts no responsibility for any software or hardware issues that may occur with a patron’s device (the patron indemnifies and holds harmless the Library or staff members from any such damage).
9. We do not guarantee that all devices will connect to our Wi-Fi system. The Library or library staff is not responsible for trouble shooting patron device issues.
10. Patrons using audio applications must provide and use their own headphones.
11. Print copies must be paid for in advance at the circulation desk. Refunds will not be made for patron printing errors.
12. The Library reserves the right to limit bandwidth on a per connection basis to ensure network reliability and fair sharing of network resources for all Internet users.
13. Internet filtering, although not 100% effective, is being used on all Library computer stations and wireless connections in order to comply with CIPA (the Children’s Internet Protection Act). Any attempts to bypass the web filter, will result in loss of Wi-Fi/Computer usage. Requests can be made to unblock pages, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
14. Patrons found using our Internet access for illegal activity may be suspended from using the Library and shall be liable for civil and/or criminal legal action. Patrons are also liable for civil and/or criminal legal action, if they destroy or attempt to destroy hardware or software owned by the Library. Devices connected to our Wi-Fi may be banned, without notice, if found to be in violation of this agreement. Be advised that receiving or displaying text or graphics in public that may be reasonably construed as obscene is in violation of current law (Missouri Revised Statues Section 573.010 and Section 573.060) and may result in suspension of library privileges as well as civil and/or criminal legal action. Using library computers or Wi-Fi access to copy and distributed copyright protected works may be an infringement of the copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code).
15. Patrons agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Barton County Library, its employees and agents from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, suit, judgment, or expense, (including attorney’s fees), arising out of any breach of this policy statement.