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Meeting Room Use Policy

Guidelines for reserving and using the Library's meeting room.

Policies for Use of Bessie McMurtry Room

The Bessie McMurtry Room is located within the Lamar Library Branch. Each group scheduled to use the McMurtry Room must read and sign a copy of the rules for the use of the room.  

1. The Library allows use of the meeting room by nonprofit civic and community 
organizations. Use of this room is on a first come first serve basis. Use of the room for commercial
purposes will not be allowed.
2. Programming by and for the Library will receive first priority. 
3. Requests may be scheduled through the circulation desk, 417-682-5355.
4. The room must be cleaned and straightened immediately after each use.
5. Users must assume full responsibility and pay for any damage.
6. The Library reserves the right to revoke permission for a reasonable cause
at any time.
7. The person in charge may secure a key to the Library from the librarian if use of the room occurs after regular library hours. 
8. Lights need to be turned off before leaving the building.
9. After locking the door, the key to the Library must be placed in book drop near front entrance.
10. No meetings where excessive noise is expected will be allowed.
11. Organizations may not use the McMurtry Room for the purpose of obtaining immediate financial gain.
12. Normally, permission for use of the Bessie McMurtry Room will be granted
by the Library Director. If the decision is disputed, appeal can be made to the Library Board of Trustees.