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Meeting Room Use Policy

Guidelines for reserving and using the Library's meeting room.

Policies for Use of Bessie McMurtry Room


  1. The Library allows use of the meeting room by nonprofit civic and community organizations. Use of this room is on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Programming by and for the Library will receive first priority. Use of the room for commercial purposes will not be allowed.

  3.  Meetings must be open to the general public (except when legitimately closed per state statutes) and all responsible parties must follow the guidelines developed by the Library Board of Trustees for the use of the room. As required by 15CSR 30-200.15 Library Certification Requirement for the Protection of Minors, subsection (e), all meetings that are open to the public must have an age-appropriate designation affixed to any publication, website, or advertisement for the meeting, i.e. Preschool ages 0-5, Children ages 6-11, Teens ages 12-17, Adults Only ages 18+, and All Ages (General Interest/ Family). The library does not stand in place of the parents/guardian (in loco parentis) when it comes to access to meetings. The responsibility for meeting attendance for a minor child rests solely with the parent or legal guardian. Failure to assign an age designation to the program could result in the group being prohibited from using the room in the future.

  4. Requests may be scheduled through the circulation desk. 

  5. The room must be cleaned and straightened immediately after each use.

  6.  Users must assume full responsibility and pay for any damage.

  7.  Groups using the meeting room will hold harmless the Library district and its branch locations, for injuries and accidents as a result of carelessness.

  8.  The Library assumes no responsibility for items left on the premises.

  9. If using the meeting room after regular library hours, the person in charge may secure a key to the Library from the librarian.

  10.  Lights need to be turned off before leaving the building.

  11.  After locking the door, the key to the Library must be placed in book drop near front entrance. 

  12. Normally, permission for use of the Bessie McMurtry Room will be granted by the Library Director. If the decision is disputed, appeal can be made to the Library Board of Trustees. Individuals who disagree with the Library’s decision to allow use of the room for an event may also appeal that decision to the Library Board of Trustee.

  13.  The Library reserves the right to revoke permission for a reasonable cause at any time.

  14.   No meetings where excessive noise is expected will be allowed.

  15.   Organizations may not use the McMurtry Room for the purpose of obtaining immediate financial gain. 


  1. Permission to use a meeting room does not imply that the Library, Board of Trustees, or staff endorses the aims, policies, activities or views of the group, organization or person(s) using the Library’s meeting rooms. No group may imply in its publicity that the library has sponsored or supported its meeting or group, unless prior written permission is obtained from the Director or Library Board of Trustees. Publicly distributed marketing materials for any program held in a Library meeting room must include the language, “This program is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Barton County Library”

  2.  Each group scheduled to use the McMurtry Room must read and sign a copy of the rules for the use of the room (See Appendix 1).