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Library Card Policy

Library Card Policy

Adults (18 years or older)

Library cards may be issued to anyone 18 years or older who signs a Barton County Library Card Application (See Appendix 1) and presents the following:

  •  a valid driver’s license
  • a Missouri state identification card
  • a picture identification such as a passport, student ID card, or employer-issued photo identification.

If no photo ID is available, no library card will be issued. Exceptions can be made under judgment of the library staff.


In addition, proof of mailing address must be presented.  The following forms of proof of address are acceptable:

  •  current (within the past two weeks) first-class piece of mail showing address
  • current (within past month) bank statement or utility bill

If no proof of address can be presented, the patron will be issued a restricted (probationary) card that will allow only one item to be checked out.  The Library will mail a post card to the address given.  When the patron returns to the Library with the postcard, a regular library card will be issued. 


Children (age 17 and under)


Library cards may be issued to children age 17 and under provided:

  • the parent or legal guardian can produce, at the time of application, the same picture ID and current address verification as described above and the responsible party has no fines or materials due on any card for which they are responsible.
  • the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for any materials checked out on the child’s card
  • the application (See Appendix 1) is signed by a parent or legal guardian indicating agreement with the following:

               I understand that the Library does not stand in place of the parent or guardian (in loco parentis) when it comes to access to the library. I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor my minor child’s reading, listening, and viewing of library material, displays, services, and programs.  I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor the material checked out by my minor child. I understand that selection of materials for the Library is not restricted by the possibility that my minor child may obtain materials that I might consider inappropriate. I understand that a Barton County library card grants full access to cardholders of all ages for all services the library has to offer, i.e. all print materials (including materials requested through Evergreen), media resources, online resources, and library internet/wifi”.  If a parent or guardian does not agree to the above statements then their minor child, age 0-17 will NOT be issued a library card. This statement is required by 15 CSR 30-200.015 Library Certification Requirement for the Protection of Minors subsection (c).


Residency and non-resident fees

Any person who does not live in or own property within Barton County may purchase a library card for a non-resident fee.  If a person owns property within Barton County and his or her residence is outside the county, he or she must present a current Barton County property tax receipt.  Upon presentation of such, the out-of-county fee will be waived.

Expiration Date

Individual library cards are valid for a term of one year. In order to renew their library card, patrons will be asked to verify and/or update the personal information pertinent to his or her library card.


Lost Library Cards/Change of Address

In the event of a lost or stolen card, the patron is responsible for notifying the Library immediately. All materials checked out on a library card are the responsibility of the patron until the loss of the library card is reported. Until the Library is notified of a lost or stolen card, a library card is valid and its owner is responsible for all use of the card and for any lost or overdue materials and fees incurred. In case of children under age 18, the parent or legal guardian who signed the library card application is the responsible party. In order to obtain a replacement library card, a fee will be charged (See Appendix 1). Changes of address should be reported promptly. 


See Appendix 1 for Circulation Periods, Circulation Limits, and Renewals.