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Library Use Guidelines for Patrons

General rules and code of conduct for library patrons.

Patron Code of Conduct

  • The Library is a violence-free facility. Library staff will report to the appropriate authority patron
    behavior which endangers or threatens another patron.
  • Smoking, use of tobacco products or illegal substances or alcoholic beverages on library
    premises is not allowed.
  • Patrons may consume food in the building only for library sponsored or approved functions.
  • Drinks with lids are permitted in the Library everywhere except around the patron computers.
    Pre-school children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
  • Use of roller blades, skates, skateboards or scooters is not permitted on Library property. These
    must be checked in at the circulation desk for safekeeping.
  • Bathing or doing laundry in the public restrooms is not permitted.
  • Loitering and soliciting on library property are not allowed.
  • Patrons may not bring pets into the building. Guide dogs or other assistance animals are
  • Sleeping in the building is not permitted.
  • Patrons may not behave in a disruptive manner or allow their children to behave in a disruptive
  • Patrons may not harass Library personnel or other library users.
  • Patrons who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted in the
  • Shirts and shoes are required. Patrons are not allowed to wear swimwear or inappropriate
    clothing as determined by the Director.
  • Patrons may be asked to leave the Library if they have neglected their bodily hygiene so that it
    gives offense and constitutes a nuisance to other patrons.
  • Patrons are not permitted to place feet on tables or chairs.
  • Only law enforcement officials may bring weapons in the Library. Knives, firearms, or other
    weapons are not permitted for all other persons regardless of consent to carry.
  • The library staff assumes no responsibility for unattended children at closing time. The staff will
    not stay with unattended children or offer transportation home. If an unattended child is at the
    Library at closing time, the police will be notified and asked to pick up the child. 
  • The following behavior may result in criminal prosecution:
    Loud, abusive, aggressive, threatening or obscene language or behavior
    (Disorderly Conduct)
    Destroying or damaging Library material, furniture, or other property
    (Criminal Mischief)
    Using or distributing drugs
    (Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance)
    Tampering with, altering, editing, or damaging computer hardware and/or software
    (Computer Related Offenses).
  • The Library Director, acting on behalf of the Library Board, may suspend the library privileges of
    any person who willfully violates regulations. Suspension periods may vary with the severity and
    repetitiveness of the offense, including but not limited to one-year suspension for acts or threats
    of violence to staff or customers, in addition to legal remedies and prosecution. Severe or
    repetitive violations may lead to the permanent suspension of library privileges.