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Electronic Device Policy

Guidelines for checking out hotspots and laptops.

Barton County Library
Electronic Device Checkout Agreement

 Use of library equipment is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Electronic Device Policy/Checkout Agreement, and by checking out the equipment, you agree to the following:

 I understand that the equipment can be checked out for two (2) weeks, with one renewal if no one else is waiting for it. The equipment must be taken into a library branch and renewed in person.

 Devices must be picked up and returned in person at the library front desk by the due date, with all included cables and in the original case. The equipment may NOT be returned to the bookdrop.

 Patrons are not permitted to download items nor change the setting or configurations on the device.

 I understand that the electronic device has filtering software in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and that I am responsible for monitoring what my children and other minors access or view while using the device.

 I understand that I must comply with BCL’s Internet/Wi-Fi Use Policy, It is my responsibility to read and abide by these policies and to comply with all Federal and State Laws.

In the case of laptop/hotspot checkouts:
I understand that BCL has no control over and cannot guarantee the availability of hotspot service or continuous service or speed of the connection.
I understand that open, unsecured wireless network “Hotspots” are freely and easily accessible and are unsecure. I will not hold BCL, the service provider and other officials and employees responsible for any files, data, confidential or personal information accessed, transmitted, lost or damaged as a result of using the hotspot.

Late Returns: After returning equipment late three times, patrons will not be able to check it out for three months. If the equipment has not been returned three days after its due date, the service to it will be terminated and it will become unusable. If hotspot service has to be disabled, patrons will not be able to check out equipment for 6 months.

 Care of equipment: Do not use library provided chargers on your own devices or vice versa. This could result in damage. Please do not clean library equipment with any type of cleaner, wipes or compressed air. If technical problems arise, return device to the library as soon as possible.

 The patron is responsible for any damages to the device and its accessories. If any part of the device is nonfunctional, current replacement costs including but not limited to the cost of the device, warranty, cover, adaptor, USB cable, hard shell carrying case, and software will be charged to the patron’s account.